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   Our research focuses on thermal systems and energy conversion. Current projects being carried out by our staff cover topics such as combustion in microgravity conditions, energy conversion from biomass, fire safety, wildfires, optical experimental methods and solar potential assessment.

   We are part of the Departament of Industrial Engineering, at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, and we are located in the cities of Valparaíso and Santiago, Chile.

1st Asia-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School

The target is to introduce intermediate graduate students, industrial researchers and practicing engineers to fundamental combustion problems applied to outdoor and structural fires.

11th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium

EC2G visits Tenerife in June 2019 to assist and participate to the 11th edition of the Mediterranean Symposium.

Silver Combustion Medal 2018

In this fifth installment of a seven-part series of articles, The Combustion Institute recognizes combustion scientists who were honored with medals and awards during the 37th International Symposium on Combustion.

Anillo's Project

In 2017, EC2G achieve the Anillo project given by Conicyt, a financial input oriented to the academic circle in order to make a scientific and technologycal contribution.