Members of EC2G team Visited Combustion Laboratory of Turbulence from PUC Rio.

Under the adjudication of the CONICYT REDES project N° 130090 “Energy Conversion: Application to Flame Radiation and Soot Production", led by PhD Rodrigo Demarco, From EC2G team, visited "El Laboratorio de Combustão e Turbulência” of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Pontifica Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro with the company of PhD Andrés Fuentes (leader of EC2G), in Rio, Brazil.

Both Lecturers worked in Planar Laser Inducted Fluorescence to detect species of OH on combustion process. Also, Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Demarco gave 2 seminars, one about combustion in general for student at the university and a second one about result of OH species to the research staff. EC2G organized the visit as part of the project to bind both research centers.

Energy Conversion & Combustion Group

Departamento de Industrias
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