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PhD Andrés Fuentes gave a lecture on microgravity at Academia Politécnica Aeronáutica (APA)

A conference about "research in free fall: An opportunity for Chile; Benefits and curiosities from experiments on microgravity" was dictated by PhD. Andrés Fuentes, from the Industrial Department and leader of Energy Conversion and Combustion group. 

The Lecture was led by Chief Engineer Division, Air Brigade General (I) Leopoldo Porras Silva, with Chief Science in Aviation at Universidad Federico Santa Maria, Air General (R) Osvaldo Sarabia Vilches, Chief Education Division, Air Brigade General (A) Rafael Carrere Poblete and The Chief Academy, Aviation Colonel (I) Cristián Puebla Menne.

The lecture was focused on experience of Dr. Fuentes in Microgravity experiments, also in Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy. This Conference was realized on the approaching of both institutions to aim at enhancing their ability to work together in areas of common interest as parabolic flights, renewable energy and others.